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Our names are Ben and Sophie.


We have 3 albums and 20 music videos.  

All are unreleased.

We both write the songs- some together, some separately. Ben mixes and masters the albums and Sophie makes the videos and album art.

We have more songs and videos on the way,

but here is a summary of our work so far.

We are Bermuda Angels


Our Three Albums

Album 1 is fully mastered, Album 2 is rough mastered, and Album 3 is not mixed/mastered yet.


Albums 2 and 3 best represent our style.

If we had to choose a song from each album to listen to, we'd choose

"No Mercy" album 1

"Judy" album 2

"Telephone" album 3

Also, please note the vocals in "Love is a Tyrant" are being rewritten which is why they're out for now.  


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